Your Generosity At Work

Freely we give as Random Acts of Kindness...

Motivational T Shirts

Nothing beats a inspirational Tshirt!  We give our Never Give Up, Never Quit T shirts daily to inspire the receiver to Never Give Up!!!  No matter what!!!

Gift Cards

We purchase  gift cards from National Food Restuarants and discount department stores.  These are by far one of the most popular RAK we give.  Its a joy to distribute food cards, people need and love food!

Fresh Flowers

Healthy Foods & Snacks

It is our joy to serve the homeless and food bank locations with fresh fruits, cereal bars and peanuts that help curb apitite.  We have added 'bulk' candy to our regular outreach that we divide into small bags for distribution, women, men, boys and girls love it!

Without fail, when we give fresh flowers....they bring MUCH joy!!  We take them on every mission!!

Handcrafted Glass Bead Motivational Keyrings

We have been handcrafting our Courage Key Rings and bracelets for many years.  We give them to simply serve as a reminder to the recipient that "Courage is not absent fear, it is denying its power to control you."  With out fail, they are a a great source of inspiration.  We thank God our AMAZING volunteers who carefully string these goodies!

Handcrafted, 100%
Natural Detox Soaps

We give several types of handcrafted detox soap bar formulas.  They are all formulated with natural, plant base ingredients for all skin types; dry, normal, oily, acne prone skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Inspirational Wristbands

There is not enough words to express our experience in giving these silicone bracelets!  People love them and receive them with gladness without fail!  Many will wear them for months and when we see them again oftentimes, they ask for another to replace the 'worn' letters!!!

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