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Hello!  My name is Sharon,  I am the director here at Never Give Up Never Quit.  I have been giving Random Acts of Kindness since I met my personal Savior, Jesus Christ, nearly 30 years ago.  In 2014, I 'randomly' gave a a woman at a local library a red fresh flower and matching red 'butterfly' sticker to place on the back of her cell phone.  She did not seem to be very excited about it, so I thought.......


When I returned to the library the following day, I saw the same woman and felt 'moved' to again give her a small random act of kindness (RAK). The woman would then reveal to me, she was on her way home to commit suicide the previous day I gave her the fresh flower, instead, she decided not to take her life,  she went home and told her husband she was planning to kill herself and that she believed God was trying to tell her something, because no one had ever given her a random act of kindness.  Personally, I was homeless at the time, living in a hotel with my children.  Nonetheless, God had put a determination in my heart to still give RAK no matter what I was going thru.  MY LIFE WAS FOREVER CHANGED!!!!


It is my prayer that regardless of a persons race, religion, gender, age or financial status, our free motivational gifts or random acts of kindness will serve as a point of contact to touch their hearts and bring joy and hope for the glory of God.


If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


And/Or send us a prayer request!  

We Will Pray for you!!!!

Join us in changing lives, one random act of kindness at a time. 
Regardless of what is currently happening in your life.....

Never Give Up - NEVER QUIT!!
Seek to KNOW God, the creator of the Heavens and the Earth with YOUR WHOLE HEART.
His Grace IS Amazing!

With Love & Gratitude,

Sharon Johnson, Humanitarian


Never Give Up Never Quit's mission is made possible because of the commitment of our amazing volunteers in Greater Cleveland area and other cities throughout America.


My name is Ashley.  I am originally from Houston, TX but my career in HR led me to Ohio in 2019.  I enjoy traveling back home to spend time with my family and friends, but even more, I enjoy quiet time and binge-watching a good sermon or DIY decor project on Youtube.   I also enjoy traveling to help Sharon with preparation and distribution on the streets doing random acts of kindness. 



Hello, my name is Bettie!  I'm a retiree of At&T, who worked in customer service for the majority of my career.  I love people and enjoy interacting with them.  It gives me great joy to see the excitement and surprised looks on the faces of those who receive the motivational gifts of random acts of kindness.  The Bible instructs us to love and encourage one another.  Never Give Up Never Quit does just that!

I love spending time with my family, singing, traveling, and planning outreach projects with the women's ministry of my church.


My name is Andrea Camille. I am a wife, mother of 2 sons and now ecstatic grandmother.  I absolutely love working with and encouraging people. I have a heart ️ for children.  I enjoy spending time with my family, resting in nature/camping, reading, singing, and crocheting. I also love to laugh! ️♥️ 


My name is Daniel!  I love Jesus Christ.  He is my personal Savior.  I like meeting all of the different people when we go out on the streets to give free tshirts and flowers.  I want to be a architect when i grow up.  I like playing mind craft, playing with friends and watching Youtube videos how to make things.


My name is Ethan!  I work as a lifeguard at a swimming school in my community.  I am a senior in high school.  I like to sing, play ping pong, hike and my favorite subject is science.  In regards to singing,  I am a member of a singing organization that performs great quality music all over the world, originating in Cleveland, Ohio.  I have traveled with this group to New York, Washington D.C. and Italy.  As I depart from High school, I plan to major in music technology and minor in aquatic biology. 


I am thankful that I am a part of the Never Give Up Never Quit organization because it gives people hope, knowing that they are not alone and whatever they may be going through, God is greater than any of their problems.


Hi, I'm Anna!  I love the arts and fashion, and I currently work as a Visual Manager.  

I've grown up in Northeast Ohio, so being a part of Never Give Up Never Quit is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to help out the people in our community.  I love the support and encouragement this organization gives to those who need an extra hand through faith and good deeds.


My name is Erica.  I am a wife, mother, of two and a small business owner.  I carry a special place in my heart for serving the elderly.  As a non-practicing nurse who worked with seniors, I saw plenty of bingo, chair exercises and boredom first hand.  I knew I could provide something to boost their self-esteem, enhance their quality of life and provide relaxation - all through Art Therapy by painting ceramics. 


In my free time, days are spent marinating on God's Holy Scriptures, gardening, enjoying nature, exercising and watching HGTV.    Never Give Up Never Quit has given me the opportunity to get out, get up and bring smiles to others' faces.  There's always somethign you cand do.  I can always be better, it can always be worse.  I want to try and make things better!


My name Frances!  I have worked in the Homecare Industry for over 15 years.  I really enjoy working with people. I love to make them smile.  I believe a little kindness helps with a persons recovery.  I have three adult children and 7 grandchildren, and many other children that call me “Nana.” 

I loves to spend time with my family, taking long walks in the park with my two dogs or working with my indoor and outdoor gardens.  I also love to spend quiet time reading the Bible.   My Favorite scent is Lemongrass!


Hi! I'm Ginger.  I have two adopted sons and 3 biological children, they are all grown now.  I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at age 18. I enjoy reading the Bible,praying, writing praise music, playing guitar, walking, hiking and  talking to people about the Lord Jesus Christ and giving the Random Acts of Kindness items that Never Give Up Never Quit mails to me, to give out in my town.  I've met some amazing people sharing in this way!


My name is Rebecca.  After an encounter I had with Jesus Christ in 2019 that not only saved me,  but it changed my life!   I have felt determined more than ever to help encourage and bring joy to those who are lost and hopeless by giving random acts of kindness, speaking words of encouragement and sharing my personal testimony.  


Hello my name is Terry Joshua, and I’m a worker by day and painter by night. In my spare time I read often and study sociology for better understanding of everything around me.  Never Give Up, Never Quit humbles me to the trials many go through that we can easily forget is happening in our communities. The biggest thing I've learned while being out and experiencing the people is that faith, even the smallest amount can sustain you in turbulent times.


Hi!  My name is Karen.   I am the owner of a Title Agency less than a mile from Never Give Up Never Quit, where I met Sharon.  I have two children and one grandchild.  I enjoy contributing to the community through volunteering in my spare time to help make a difference.  It has been very fulfilling preparing all of the many motivational gifts I help prepare before they are distributed throughout the community.  My hobbies and interests do include volunteering, spending time with my family, golfing and cooking.


Hi, My name is Mary Wilson, yes just like the singer, and yes we are related, but more important than that is my relationship that I have with Jesus Christ. I'm still striving to be the best person as a Christian. I love serving others as Christ did, it is so gratifying for me. I love and thank Never Give Up Never Quit  for the opportunity to serve on their team. Giving Back is  something I always wanted to do. I am a homemaker and a mom to one teenage son, who is my joy and focus these days as well as the mission work that we do. Random acts of kindness is a great thing that we all need to strive for! 


I enjoy volunteering, serving on the board of advisors and going on missions into the community.  I have personally witnessed the impact and change of the peoples countenance after receiving the random acts of kindness.

In my past time, I love to write, play piano, grow plants and support those in need.


I retired from nursing a number of years ago.   I needed something to fill in my time not just lunches etc.  I decided that volunteering was a good thing for me to try so I became involved at my church in different activities. When COVID 19 hit I needed something else and a friend introduced me to Sharon and her cause. This has been a great experience for me also keeps my mind and hands very busy.   Sharon is a fun person to be around and knows what she wants from you and explains how she wants it done. I also enjoy family, friends, reading, bridge and shopping.  I also love the fact that Sharon’s partner in all of this is God.


I was looking for a local charity that I could help with near me.  Never Give Up Never Quit was perfect for me!  Opportunities were listed in our Church bulletin and I got in touch with Sharon.  It is a very worthwhile effort to support those in need in the greater Cleveland area and beyond,  not only bringing
physical items to help them but also the love of our Lord!  The projects I work on can be done at home, which has been very convenient with the COVID 19 outbreak.  I have a marvelous boss in Sharon!  She asks for quality work and is very patient and kind in her training.


My name is Nicole. I have been a follower of Jesus Christ since 1993.  I am always looking for new opportunities to serve others.   I have 3 beautiful children, 2 daughters and 1 son. I currently live on the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri known for The Show Me State! I have a degree in Business Management with a background of working in the Long Term Care field as a Business Office Manager. I am passionate about the well being of children,, and especially, our elderly. I love to get involved with missions and serving my community to make a difference in the life of the downtrodden.  I look forward to soon launching a new program that will empower girls to become their best selves! 


During my time of leisure I love a good road trip, reading, good food, good music....and more than that, I love people around me who can make me laugh!  Nothing beats a good old Western Movie! Who would have thought?



Hi - my name is Nina!  I have worked in manufacturing for many years.  I love putting things together and figuring out how it works. Working with Never Give Up Never Quit has been a joy!  I am able to bring my projects home.  I enjoy folding the 'Seeds of Hope"....these are words of encouragement that we give to just about everyone for the outreach.  In my spare time, i love listening to music and singing!

My name is Tiffany!  I enjoy a hard days work and encouraging others.  I consider myself a teacher at heart. As a financial strategist, I educate individuals daily on the importance of protecting their financial assets through life insurance and retirement strategies.

When I am not working, you can usually find me singing, playing the piano, and writing songs.  I do my best to live by my  favorite original quote: "True living is living life to give back to others."  It has been very exciting to
 join the team and giving of my  time to help spread hope to those in need! 


Greetings! My name is Saidah.  In my past I was an extremely blind and religious person. Through God's grace and mercy I am now delivered and compelled to point others to Christ Jesus, repentance from sin and encouragement to live victorious lives in Christ Jesus (1 Cor. 15). I use my Youtube channel, Facebook page, and blog to exhort others not to waste their time, money, talents, resources, efforts and energy on false religious systems, buildings and its activities.  I also use wise counsel, RAKs, and prayer for those who are in need of hope, love, and direction/support. I am a mother and grandmother who enjoys cooking (homemaking), gardening, crafting, as well as sharing Titus 2 life-skills and relationship tips.


My name is Stephanie. I am a wife and mother who enjoys serving in my community and abroad! I enjoy spreading hope and the love of Christ to all! I am a Washington, DC native who currently resides in Maryland and works in Northern Virginia as a Federal Protective Service Officer. I have served on the Motivating U 2 Win prayer team, Assisted with administrative support and became a Never Give Up Never Quit Ambassador in my tri-state area, The DMV. I am grateful to serve with the amazing team The Lord has brought together!


Greetings!  My name is Zaida.  I am a US Army veteran retired after 20 years of service. By the grace of God, I have
received many awards and commendations while serving our country.
However, I feel my most rewarding thing in life was  rededicating my life to Jesus Christ while in West Germany in 1980.
I have been in public service all of my adult life. After retiring from the
private sector in 2012,  I continue my service to mankind as a
minister, youth mentor and veteran’s administrator.  I strongly believes that being a servant is one of the greatest gift
God has given to me.
When I am not doing missions, you will find me reading, watching,
or playing golf and playing with my rescue dog Scrap.



Production Volunteers:

Amy Meschke

Amy Tipton-Fletcher

Barbara McCurdy

Becky Connors

Bella Carmosino

Brenda Boddie

Cyndi Hathcock

Donna Kundrat

Gwen Stewart

Haley Stuart

Karen Agnice

Karen Danko

Karen Johnson

Lisa Vojtko

Matt Echan

Mike Palgut

Michelle Russell

Nina Carmosino

Patti Rose

Mary Anne Leon

Nichelle Davis 

Sajaya Snowden

Sarah Meschke

Sharon Williams

Terry Joshua Johnson

Thomas "Daniel" Jones

Prayer Team:

Antoshia Walls

Candy Oliver

Cynthia Jackson

Eleanor Brown

Josalyn Houston

​Latiscia White

Layna Clester

Loretta Elias

Marsha Giles-Holmes

Patricia Brossart

Rosetta Willams

Sonya Harden

Tonya Drury

Tonya Jones

Zaida White


Andrea Camille Ward

Charity Nunez

Stephanie Andrews

Gift Card Distribution:


Christiana Diaz - Cleveland, OH

Nicole Sockett - St. Louis, MS

Rebecca Jenkins - Sacremento, CA

Saidah Binns - Chicago, IL

Sharon Johnson - Cleveland, OH

Stephanie Andrews - Maryland, VA

Tenisha Johnson - Rockwell, TX

Zaida White - Henderson, NC

Greater Cleveland Area Street Team:

Ashley Byers

Becky Connors

Bettie Way

Christiana Diaz

Erica Glaude

Ethan Glaude

Frances Toler

Michael Palgut

Sharon Johnson

Tiffany Flagg

Terry Johnson

Thomas "Daniel" Jones

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