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Meet Our Founder,
Sharon Johnson

Sharon met this amazing lady while shopping for fresh flowers on Crusade of Hope in Minneapolis, MN.  They began to sing together as the guitar player played an old popular song they both knew."  What a beautiful moment!


Hi, my name is Sharon.  In 2014, I 'randomly' gave a woman at a local library a red fresh flower and matching red 'butterfly' sticker to place on the back of her cell phone.  She did not seem to be very excited about it, so I thought.......
When I returned to the library the following day, I saw the same woman, she revealed prior to me giving her the fresh flower and butterfly sticker for her phone, she was on her way to commit suicide!!!  Instead, she decided not to take her life.  She went home and ask her husband to get her some help. No one had ever given her a random act of kindness.

This encounter saved the woman's life, and forever changed mine!  It taught me the necessity for spontaneous giving to strangers!   When I'm not on a mission with our volunteers sharing inspirational gifts of kindness, I'm handcrafting vegan soaps that we also give as acts of kindness. Proceeds assist in our fundraising efforts www.HandmadeSoaps4Hope.Org

Join me in spreading hope, one
Random Act of Kindness at a time!! 


Community volunteers preparing fresh flowers for a local mission.


We Continue to Give FRESH
Flowers On Every Mission of Hope!

Sharon and Ladies.jpg

"Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God....1Corinthians 10:31

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