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Sharon is the author of "Don't Do These 15 Things If You Want a Strong Mind."  She has been a mental health advocate for decades after overcoming emotional trauma by applying Biblical principles to her life that are written in her NEW book release.

Sharon is a professional soap maker.  She uses the revenue from her business to fund Never Give Up Never Quit, a social movement and community outreach dedicated to giving Random Acts of Kindness regardless of race, religion, gender, or economic status as a deterrent of depression and hopelessness.


When Sharon is not in her soap lab creating new products for fundraising, she can be found cruising around her city in her motivational vehicle with community volunteers visiting low-income neighborhoods and other states to distribute freely her handmade soaps, fresh flowers, healthy foods, inspirational t-shirts, and home decor.

She is the keynote speaker and host of Women of Faith Empowerment gatherings in her community that focus on mental health.  Her mantra and message regardless of the topic she expounds, is simple and proclaimed, NEVER GIVE UP NEVER QUIT!!!!!

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