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Sharon Johnson


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Sharon believes her mission to give strangers gifts began after a personal encounter with God through Jesus Christ when she was 21 years old.  In 2014, Sharon was homeless living in a hotel with her two sons.  She was desperately seeking employment and visited a public library, where she gave a woman sitting at a computer next to her, a random acts of kindness.  The next day she returned to use the computers again and saw the same women who revealed to her that she was on her way to commit suicide before Sharon gave her the act of kindness.  Sharon made a promise to God, that she would do Random Acts of Kindness until the day she dies! Join her in this great mission of hope for America!  

Soap Maker

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When Sharon is not out spreading hope in her community or traveling to other cities to spread hope, she can be found making handcrafted soaps at Never Give Up Never Quit's headquarters.  Sharon began giving freely her medicinal soaps as Random Acts of Kindness in 2017.  In 2018, she began to use them to fundraise as a way to help support her mission of Random Acts of Kindness.  Check out her soaps and support the mission of Random Acts of Kindness

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Sharon uses 'visuals' to communicate life skills.  She believes creativity is a gift from God that can make a difference in every facet of life.  Listen to this quick exhortation on overcoming fear to use your gifts and talents!

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